disguise EOS Cue Creator


When controlling a disguise server from an EOS desk via DMX, creating the cues and programming the timeline control fixture with these cue numbers can be very tedious. This tool allows automatic programming of a video cue list using an exported cue table from disguise. This cue list can then be triggered independently, or if video and lighting are sharing cue numbers, can be linked to a lighting cue list for playback on shows with a single operator.


  • Program your cues in disguise, and attach cue tags with numbers in the format ‘XX.YY.ZZ’. E.g. ‘01.34.50’ for cue 134.5.

  • Export a cue table from a track in disguise.

  • On your EOS desk, patch a disguise timeline fixture to a channel.

  • In the form below, select your exported disguise cue table, and enter the channel number of your patched disguise fixture, along with the number and name of the cue list which should be generated.

  • Click the button to parse the disguise cue table. The cues will be displayed, and a download linl will appear to a CSV file which you can import into an EOS desk.

  • The EOS CSV file contains a single cue list with all the cues from your disguise cue table, and programming for the disguise timeline fixture for each cue. The cue names are also copied from disguise. Note that only programming for the disguise cue numbers will be created, you will need to manually add programming for the output level and play mode.

 Cue Creator